Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tools, "Washington Combination Pliers"

"Washington Combination Plier" by National Plier Company, Buffalo NY. Pat'd Nov. 19, 1907.  This combination plier was Christopher Haeberli. The design is a combination tool including a plier, a hammer, a wire cutter, a shear or snips, a screw driver.  

I found an article from an old journal "Metal Industry" (volume 13, March 1915)* that says; "Walter Hayes of the United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company has added to his many interests a partnership with Chris Haeberli, of the Washington Plating Works… In addition to their electroplating work they intend to manufacture what will be known as the "Washington Combination Pliers," invented by Chris Haeberli… They expect to market their article in the next two weeks."This confirms Christopher Haeberli was the inventor, and suggests the tool was on the market by April, 1915.

The patent date as marked on the tool makes the likely patent# 871585**. However there are a couple of discrepancies between this model and the drawing included with the patent. The drawing with the patent included a slip joint, as well as a rivet hammer on the opposite jaw of the tool.

*Metal Industry, Volume 13 (March, 1915)
A similar plier with a an excerpt from "Hardware Dealers' Magazine" July, 1915 on Flicker

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